Let go of worry… start online therapy today!

Why online therapy?

Everyone needs someone in their corner.

If you want to let go of worry and live free… then online therapy can set you free!

If you struggle with…

– Worrying too much
– Replaying thoughts over and over
– Having trouble saying “no”
– Feeling like you’re never good enough
– Blaming yourself
– Avoiding speaking your mind
– Putting off what matters to you

then online therapy can help.

If you’re worried, it’s not your fault.

There’s never been more to worry about in today’s fast-paced world.

How could you not be worried?

The good news is there’s a better way… it’s called online therapy.

Free yourself, and…

– Let go of worry
– Find your calm
– Get motivated
– Express your needs
– Develop self-confidence
– Set boundaries
– Be more assertive

You’ll get more of this…

Calmness, Openness, Gratitude, Courage, Authenticity, Flexibility, Clarity, Forgiveness, Compassion, Humour

And have less of this…

Worry, Fear, Rigidity, Resentment, Anger, Jealousy, Unhappiness, Discontent, Sadness, Regret

Let’s tackle worry together

Here’s what clients say:

“I didn’t know what to expect from counselling other than what I’ve seen in movies, so I was up for a surprise. Alan provided me with an opportunity to improve how I connect with others by improving the stories I tell to myself and others, expand awareness and better connect to my emotions. Alan’s acceptance and soft approach helped me to feel safe when discussing difficult/sensitive topics. On top of that, Alan is reliable and always tried his best to accommodate any need for flexibility on my end. Alan’s relaxed attitude helped sometimes even to laugh at the difficult moments in my experience, so I’m very glad I decided to reach out to him in the 1st place.”–Vytas, London, UK


“Amazing therapist Alan helped me to find my confidence and self esteem and also after months of therapy because of Alan I understood better a lot of thing and I was able to heal! I really advise therapy with Alan… thank you so much to save my mental health and direct me to the right way!” – Simona, London, UK


Alan is a fantastic counsellor who helped me through a tricky time. He’s very personable, and was able to guide me through my thoughts with the right balance of involvement. Was also very flexible around my schedule.“–Carl, London, UK


“I’ve been attending sessions with Alan for the last 9 months and cannot recommend him highly enough. The relaxed environment coupled with Alan’s insightful comments have made a positive difference to my life.”–Matt, London, UK


“Over many months of working together, Alan held a safe, non-judgemental, therapeutic space which helped me both develop a much better understanding of my self and implement practical strategies to deal with specific challenges. Highly recommended.”–Jamie, London, UK


“I could not fault my experience with Alan. Arranging appointments was straight forward and Alan was always reliable. His supportive, understanding and non judgemental nature provided huge support. I would highly recommend Alan.”–Clare, London, UK


Alan was a pleasure to work with, and I would very happily recommend him.“–Charlie, London, UK


“Alan was extremely helpful in guiding me and giving me a sense of peace.”–Ayesha, London, UK


“Alan is exceptional. Friendly, thoughtful, forbearing. I couldn’t have asked for a better counselor.” –Enrico, London, UK

counselling therapy

Alan Bordeville
Online Therapist

“I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

That’s what I wrote in my friends’ yearbooks.

But here’s the big secret… That was as much for me as anyone else.

When I finished high school, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.

By the end of my first year at university I had ‘earned’ a dean’s vacation for partying too much.

I spent the rest of my 20s exploring a variety of jobs.

In the end, I settled for an office job… staring at spreadsheets all day.

I was miserable.

I was always stressed.

I turned to yoga and massage to de-stress.

That’s when I began thinking about quitting my corporate job.

I decided to study massage.

It seemed like a crazy idea. But I went for it anyway!

Goodbye cubicle, hello massage table.

And I couldn’t have been happier.

Around the same time…

I wanted to resolve some long-standing issues I‘d been dealing with. So I decided to see a therapist.

It wasn’t like me to ask for help. But this helped.

At last, I was able to let go of past hurts and frustrations.

I felt a way I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I felt… free.

Talk therapy opened up my eyes to a whole new world.

I imagined how many people I could help if I became a therapist.

Then and there I made a decision…

My mission in life became to help as many people as possible. I decided to dedicate my life to reducing pain and suffering in the world.

Why should someone carry around pain for no reason?

I now work as an online therapist.

Every day I have the pleasure of helping people – my people, my clients.

Each with a different background
Each with their own story
Each with their own worries and concerns

I help people see the strength and beauty they bring to the world. And help them share it with others.

Pretty cool, right?

How about you…

What worries and concerns are you carrying around?

Get in touch and let me know.

Alan Bordeville

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