Finding me

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Finding me

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Paralyzed from feelings of inadequacy
Numbed by the reality of self-defeat…
The anguish of too much pain,
I was relentlessly propelled into the
Decision of giving in to such conditions
Or standing up to them.
But not alone.

Your presence brought such warmth and acceptance
That all at once in your sanctuary of security
I knew I could remove all my masks.
You patiently helped me to learn
Not so much what to avoid in my life
But what I needed for my happiness.

Hour after hour, week after week
You convinced me that
Healing comes from within.

I am responsible for me.
I am the one that invested in illusions.
I am limiting my own creative power.
I will make true whatever I believe for me.

In the reflection of another’s respect,
I have transcended the barriers
that block my path
And have healed the separation of
Who I am and who I thought I should be.

You have been my mirror for reflecting my potential.
You have taught me that wholeness has no limits.
You have helped me to see that
life does not always bring pleasure
yet it is abundant in meaning.
You have allowed me to see the blessing
I needed so very much was my own.

No longer am I ridden by discouragement
But filled with enthusiasm and perseverance.
You have helped me discover the very core of my being…
So vulnerable and sensitive yet so resilient and enduring.

Paula S. Davis
Resource Teacher
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Lawrenceville, Georgia

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