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Why is change so hard?

Any change involves uncertainty, and that can be unsettling. We need a measure of safety and security to maintain life as we know it. On the other hand, we need some excitement and stimulation to encourage growth. Even though we know everything changes (the only constant is change), we still cling to the idea of…
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It’s All About Growth

This excerpt is from Episode 2 of my new podcast Alanism in which we explore the therapeutic benefits of creativity. I sat down with filmmaker Maya Avidov to discuss her creative process, upcoming projects and her latest short The Listener. Maya You were talking about creativity when we started off, and there are two things that became…
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Man with potential selves

A man is walking through life, determined and focused. Or he is standing, rooted to the spot. Or he is dreaming. Whatever he is doing, he always has the potential to be different. By changing his mind he can change his state. When he captures and holds his potential he is still. When he releases his potential he is free to…
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