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The following published articles are inspired by current counselling and psychology related topics and events.

The Almighty ‘I’: Can psychedelics help us reconnect? 
15th June 2018

This article explores the question of whether psychedelics can actually create accelerated enlightenment, or whether they are just ‘back in fashion’. A recent roundtable discussion on psychedelics at Stillpoint Spaces London inspired the article.

Are counsellors too empathic? 
7th August 2017

This article is on the difference between empathy and compassion. It explores how counsellors should consider using compassion rather than empathy with clients in order to avoid burnout. The article was inspired by Yale psychology professor Paul Bloom.

Will AI replace counsellors? 
31st July 2017

This article is on AI and how it might affect counselling in the future. With the advances in technology over a relatively short period of time, we should consider the potential effects of AI. The article was inspired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the late physicist Stephen Hawking.

Why don’t men seek counselling? 
24th July 2017

This article examines why men sometimes don’t seek counselling, and explores some reasons for men’s lack of engagement with counselling. The recent suicides of musicians Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington inspired the article.

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